The Discipleship Commission of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador has partnered with Discipleship Dynamics© to help serious Christ-followers become aware of their strengths and weaknesses in personal discipleship. Discipleship Dynamics has created an assessment, which you have already completed, to measure discipleship effectiveness in five key dimensions: Spiritual Formation, Personal Wholeness, Healthy Relationships, Vocational Clarity, and Economics and Work. Evaluating these areas leads the participant to one of forty outcomes in personal discipleship. Discipleship Dynamics offers a fantastic tool to help assess personal discipleship and give a snapshot of spiritual maturity. We would like to partner with them and offer an additional resource that will enable you to take some measurable action steps towards living intentionally and growing closer to Christ. With their permission, we have used the DDA headings and have created ‘growth suggestions’ based on those headings. Together, we can say, “I am a disciple by choice!”

How to Use This Tool

The Discipleship Dynamics Assessment© has helped you accurately determine your spiritual strengths and weaknesses. This Steps to Growth document will offer suggestions and help believers create a personalized growth plan that will support their growth into spiritually healthy disciples. Some of us learn and grow best in an environment of freedom with less structure. Some of us are concrete thinkers and like to have visible goals to work towards. This tool is a list of suggestions that may help you, depending on how you learn and where you are in your spiritual development. If you need to work on a certain area of your spiritual life, as demonstrated by your DDA results, you can use the growth suggestions as a starting point. However, the listed suggestions are not the only means by which one can grow in a particular area. You may create your own action plan! It helps to write down your goals, keep them visible, and don’t take on too much at once. Perhaps you would like to choose one or two areas that you need to work on; then choose a growth suggestion (or create your own) and concentrate on those areas.

God will honour your faithfulness and desire to grow. Your efforts, combined with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, will lead you to fruit-fulness and productivity. Attempting to master many areas at once will only lead to frustration and likely failure. Start small and continue building. Consistency is the key. Many areas of our growth can be accomplished individually, but there is a special significance in growing together in community. If you have a close, trusted friend, share your discipleship goals and help keep each other accountable. This will help keep you on the right track. Accountability partners can help motivate and encourage us. Don’t underestimate the power of growing as a dis-ciple in a team of like-minded believers.
As you embark on this journey of discipleship and spiritual growth, don’t forget to commit the process to the Lord. Neither growth nor spiritual formation is for the sole purpose of reaching a target. Rather, it is for the purpose of pleasing God, bringing glory to His name, and being better equipped to reach the lost in order to fulfill the mandate of Christ. We commit ourselves to the Lord and to His plans for our lives, which involves our growth as disciples. “I am a disciple by choice!”