Resources to help us attain our discipleship goals

This is a video produced by the PAONL and Heart Matters as an introduction to the Formission Discipleship Initiative. This video is intended for church use and promotional purposes.

Top 10 Mutual Health Book Picks

1. “7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage” (Kimberling)
2. “Belonging and Becoming” (Scandrette)
3. “Becoming a Healthy Team” (Macchia)
4. “The Advantage” (Lencioni)
5. “Sticky Teams” (Osborne)
6. “Emotionally Healthy Relationships” (Scazzero)
7. “The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family” (Powell)
8. “The Power of the Other” (Cloud)
9. “The Ideal Team Player” (Lencioni)
10 “A Family Shaped by Grace” (Morland)

Top 10 Discipleship Reads

1. “Transforming Discipleship/Discipleship Essentials” (Ogden)
2. “The Imitation of Christ” (A Kempis)
3. “Spirit of the Disciplines” (Willard)
4. “Ordering Your Private World” (MacDonald)
5. “Called to be Saints” (Smith)
6. “The Divine Mentor” (Cordeiro)
7. “Didn’t See it Coming” (Nieuwhof)
8. “Building a Discipling Culture” (Breen)
9. “Bible Engagement Basics” (Murray)                                                                   10. “Mentor for Life” (Robinson)

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There are currently two available sermon series’.  The first is by Matt Joy and Josh Singh.  It could be used to share the vision of the four phases of Formission.  The second is by Matt Joy.  It is a Mutual Health series on the topic of Unity.



Good Tidings Special Edition

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The Discipleship Commission of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador has partnered with Discipleship Dynamics© to help serious Christ-followers become aware of their strengths and weaknesses in personal discipleship. The Discipleship Commission recommends using Discipleship Dynamics assessment tool to measure your health as a disciple maker and we have provided the “Steps to Growth” resource as a tool to use when reviewing your results.