I know you’ve been there, because I’ve been there too. I’ve seen you hurting, and I’ve stood by in silence. I’ve hurt, and you haven’t reached out. I didn’t mean to hurt you more by my apparent lack of concern. I know you didn’t mean to perpetuate my hurt by saying nothing. I didn’t know what to say, so I kept silent. You didn’t want to appear intrusive, so you turned away.

Smiling faces pass each other in church. Superficial greetings take place at the grocery store. Impersonal likes abound on social media. Surface conversation takes place as we pass one another by, betrayed by our world of busyness, and broken by the hurt and pain we try to mask so well inside.

We imagine a world where people know that people care

As we reimagine the role of PAONL Family Ministries, we imagine a world where people know that people care. We desire to become a catalytic force for a cultural shift within the PAONL where people freely receive the care they need, and then freely give of themselves to others with that same need.

As we examine this message, there are some things we will need to unlearn.

Everyone Cares

Let’s be truthful here: not everyone cares! If you believe that everyone cares, you will set yourself up for further disappointment and hurt. Some people are too busy to care, some are too wrapped up in their own world to care, and some are too broken within to care. Unlearning this will set free a piece of your heart.

No One Cares

Again, let’s be truthful: some people care, and someone cares about you! There are people who care about you, about your family, about your needs, about your hurts and disappointments. These people who care are much closer than you might think. Find them. Unlearning the lie that no one cares will set free a piece of your heart.

Why Would Anyone Care About Me?

We have believed the perpetual lie that we are unworthy of care. But the truth of the Biblical text is that we are infinitely more valuable than anything else that God created. We’ve been carefully fashioned by our wonderful Creator, created in His image, with intrinsic value that cannot be robbed by life’s destructive forces or painful events. At times, you may feel worthless, but you are absolutely worthy of respect and care. Unlearning the lie that we are simply not worth it will set free a huge piece of your heart.

I Have Nothing to Offer

We see people in need of care, and we don’t respond because we are not convinced we have anything to offer. This self-deprecating mindset is different from true humility, and must be unlearned. You have something to offer others, something that is uniquely you, and that something is YOU! You, with all of your warts and foibles, you! You are exactly what someone needs today. Many times people just need to know that someone cares, and you can be that person. Unlearning the lie that you have nothing of worth to bring will set free another piece of your heart.

God Doesn’t Care About What I’m Going Through

The Scriptural account clearly reflects that indeed God does care about you and what you are facing. The one who numbers the hairs on our head and expresses compassion to the sparrow knows the details of your life and cares about you (Matthew 10:29-31). You were fashioned in the womb and worth the risky demonstration of love in the cross. You are valuable enough that God draws near to you, creatively cloaked in the personality of a friend who shows up at just the right time. God cares about you! Unlearning the lie that God doesn’t care will set free the final piece of your heart.

When our hearts are released from these myths, we will be set free to become catalysts and conduits of care. This is at the heart of your Family Ministries team.

Be a catalyst of care. Don’t wait any longer: make that call, send that card, start that conversation, slow down, listen, see those who hurt, and do something.

Be a conduit of care. As we receive, then give. We receive care, so that we are able to care for others (2 Corinthians 1:4). Reach out when you need help. Give freely to those who need. Let’s not suffer in silence, or allow others to do so.

People care – be those people! We invite you to join your Family Ministries team in the journey.

About the Author

Kent Sceviour is a member of the Family Ministries Lead Team.  He lives in Paradise, NL with his family and is lead pastor of Park Avenue Pentecostal Church.  He has fabulous hair, and knows that no one reads the “about the author” section of these articles.

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