PAONL General Conference

Biennially the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador holds a General Conference. This is a conference for all Credential Holders that happens in May on the off year of the Prayer Summit.

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Spring Prayer Summit

The biennial prayer summit of the PAONL is wonderful time to refresh and reengage with God’s presence. It is also a great opportunity to learn and grow deeper in your faith through dynamic guest speakers and transformative workshops. This event typically happens in May.

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Fall Discipleship Conference

The Discipleship Conference of the PAONL will stretch you further by exploring the current phase of Formission. There also is further dialogue about the Formission initiative, engaging speakers, and plenty of resources to help you and your church journey into a richer discipleship experience. This is a biennial conference that typically happens in October.

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Fall Leadership Conference

The Leadership Conference of the PAONL will stretch you further by exploring the current phase of Formission and how it affects the leadership of our province. There always is dialogue about the Formission initiative, speakers with a focus on pastoral leadership, and plenty of resources to help equip Pastors in their local ministries. This is a biennial conference that typically happens in October.

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Regional Summits

The Discipleship Commission has organized Regional Summits across the province to meet in a more intimate setting with active Pastors regarding various areas of the PAONL. Topics range from missional vitality, spiritual vitality, and theological vitality. These Summits help unite our Pastors and to take a closer look at the current state of our fellowship.

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Formission ADVENTure

Read some testimonials of how various churches participated in our Christmas ADVENTure this past Christmas.

Our church is gathering gifts for single moms and widows to be distributed through our Women's Centre over Christmas.

Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church, Labrador City

Spruce Hills Community Church

Spruce Gives Back

We are partnering with a local Elementary school to sponsor 5 families in need this Christmas as a response to the ADVENTure challenge. By doing this, a local business has also come alongside to sponsor 2 additional families and we have people from our community giving to this cause through our church!


While we set out to sponsor 5 families, we ended up sponsoring 13 families with children, another adult couple, & 2 young adults.
Also, we connected with the newly opened Paradise Youth Treatment Centre and gifted the 6 current residents with gift cards so that staff could take them out to get something for themselves and we fitted all 12 rooms with ipod docking stations.

Then, on Christmas Eve we took up an offering for the CBS/Paradise Food Bank and saw $1000 donated!

Virgin Arm-Carter's Cove

The Busy Bees

We have a group of ladies called “The Busy Bees” who are planning a giveaway of knitted hats, gloves, gently used clothing and other items for those in our community who are in need of them for the upcoming winter season.

At our local Christmas parade our church will have a hot chocolate booth set up to giveaway free hot chocolate for all those in attendance at the parade.

On Dec 21st, we are cancelling our evening service and as a church we are going to go door to door Christmas carolling to spread some joyful cheer to members of our community.

Port Saunders

Christmas Loaves

Our church family here in Port Saunders personally delivers Christmas loaves to every senior in the community. It is a family night complete with caroling and deliveries that is enjoyed by one and all. The is an annual event that has been a landmark of our assembly for many years.

Conception Bay South

Christmas Cheer

Our church participated in donating Christmas gifts to children who may otherwise not have received Christmas gifts this year. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share what we have with those around us – especially during Christmas, when we celebrate the greatest gift ever known to the world! For some, giving a gift to a less fortunate child involves a financial sacrifice; for others, the financial deficit is hardly noticed. However, the importance of giving with a cheerful and willing heart should not be underestimated!

On Sunday, December 21st, instead of our typical evening service, many of our church members, including families with young children, will share the JOY of the season by going Christmas carolling! We will visit the homes of seniors and families in our immediate area. We’re so excited to bring the HOPE of this season to homes in our community – we have something to sing about and the message of Jesus’ birth can be shared in a myriad of ways!

Bethesda Pentecostal St. John's

Night of GenerousCITY

We recently organized what we’ve named, a “Night of GenerousCity”. There were a number of opportunities for people to chose to be a part of, and this is how that came together:

First, we wanted to bless some of the elderly connected to our church with a visit and a small gift to say, “we love you.” So, we had teams of people go and visit a number of our seniors that are connected with our church.

Second, we wanted to be a blessing to people who may be on the streets of our downtown in a tangible way. A team of young adults, bearing coffee and muffins, went there and connected with people, offering a hot coffee and a warm smile. This was also a good opportunity to pray for the downtown, as they walked the streets.

Third, we asked if people would bring baked goodies to the church so we could put together trays that could then be delivered the next day to different schools, community groups, rec centres, fire & police stations and anywhere where we could just say “we appreciate you”. People were so generous that we were able to put together 35 trays! These trays were then paired with handmade cards that were being made by children, as they too were involved in this opportunity. Because of this one initiative, we have made multiple connections that will give us further influence and relationship with a number of these groups in our city.

Finally, our foyer turned into a space that was bustling with people who came and took part in a OCC Shoebox Packing Party. We had items that were purchased and donated, and with a whole lot of hands putting together, labelling and filling boxes, we added 55 boxes to our count, which were designated to the special OCC Ukraine Project, which will see each of these boxes directed specifically to that country.

Additionally, without even planning it, a could of people from our church knew of a need in the city of a young lady with an empty apartment and they arranged a truck to bring some furniture and small appliances to bless that individual, by providing her with a number of household items.cause of this one initiative, we have made multiple connections that will give us further influence and relationship with a number of these groups in our city.

God is a God of generosity, a God of compassion and a God of love. I truly believe that one of the ways that we can accomplish our mission of sharing the Good News is to reflect His love, compassion and generosity to the world around us.

Westside Tabernacle Corner Brook

Children’s Wish Foundation
Last year we hosted the Children’s Wish Foundation at our facility in our evening service time slot. They needed a place to do a Christmas Fundraiser and we wanted to serve them. We had a great response last year that they asked if they could come back again this year. On 7 December this year, we had the group come again and we had another solid night. Over 340 people, our worship team did some carols, and there were a number of groups from the community who sung to support the cause. The offering came in to almost $2500, and we matched it for a total of $5000. Prior to last year, the Children’s Wish Foundation (West NL) had never raised $1000 at a single fundraiser but in two years we’ve helped them raise $9000 towards the great work at Children’s Wish.

Every year, 180 Youth hits major centres (Wal-mart, Canadian Tire, Dominion, Plaza Mall and Target) in Corner Brook to do some caroling and share some love to people. We had a couple volunteers prepare small treat bags of M & Ms, with a small poem about Christmas and we handed them out as we sung. People walked by, some stayed around as long as we were singing and the workers at each location were so thankful that we came. The last place we visited was Target and just walked around the entire store singing ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. It was a great time and we’ve even received some feedback from people the following days. (Even an invite to come to a location during Lunch) Our goal was to show love, make a small impact and have fun doing it.

Christmas Dinner
For a number of years our Church has banded together to do a huge ministry every Christmas Day. On every 25 December, we cook a full course Turkey Dinner completely free to anyone in the Corner Brook area. Planning starts in November (and after many years it’s done like clock work), and nearly everyone in the church is involved. We even have a number of business in the area that come together and donate whatever we need for this ministry. Not only do we pull off a free Christmas dinner, we also offer free delivery to those who are unable to come physically and we offer free bus service if you want to come eat with other people so individuals don’t have to be alone on Christmas day. Many families once they have their gifts opened, will come to take a delivery for someone and as a family bring the dinner to the person in need and even bring them presents. It is not just our Church that are volunteers, over half our volunteers are people from the community! I’ve talked to professors at Grenfell, workers at Coffee Shops and teachers in schools that say they come to help out because they want to be a part of such a positive thing happening in their city. We serve 250+ meals, and every year we aim higher. We’ve had interviews with Rogers TV for promotion, and this year 180 Youth went door-to-door handing out flyers for the free Christmas Dinner handing out over 350 flyers. This is a ministry that nearly every age group in our Church comes together to make an impact on Corner Brook for the Gospel and share the love of Christ.

Pasadena Pentecostal Church

Family New Year’s Eve Celebration

Community New Year’s Eve Celebration:
For the past 4 years and again this year PPC will host an event for the entire community. It is a Family New Year’s Eve Celebration! Starting at 8 pm there is a campfire, also, horseback rides, hayrides, games, mug up challenge and music from our church musicians and singers. There is lots of food, hot chocolate and coffee for all inside the church building throughout the evening. At 9 pm there is small fireworks display for the kids who can’t stay awake until midnight. Then at midnight a GIANT fireworks display complete with sparklers for all! It’s all free and well attending by all ages in our community.

Connections Gala:

Connections is our women’s group which is a place where women from our community are welcomed and can connect with other women . This Christmas we held a Gala and instead of a gift exchange, the women brought gifts for the women at Transition House, a shelter for women in nearby Corner Brook.

Zion Pentecostal Church, Stephenville

Christmas Events

Throughout the Christmas season our youth ministry and church have been involved in several different activities for ADVENTure. Our church is located in Stephenville Newfoundland.

One of the events that the youth were involved in was an event we called “Shine in Stephenville.” What we did on this night was we had three different forms of outreach. The youth went out into the community with gift cards, roses, and winter clothing (hats, mitts, gloves). They went out to different areas of the community mainly focusing on the main area in Stephenville which would be main street. We brought roses to waitresses of different restaurants and some of the youth even brought the roses to cashiers at different stores within the mall of Stephenville. The gift cards were handed out in different areas where people are often seen hanging out and socializing, the youth jumped at the chance to show the love of Jesus within the community. The other thing the youth did was hand out winter clothing to different people who they believed may be in need. They passed out a number of different hats and mittens and gloves to people. Often when they did this people made different remarks about how it meant so much to them. The very interesting thing about this event is that it was thought of by one of our very own youth; they came up with the idea that we should do “random acts of kindness” to people in our community. So it was awesome to put into play a young persons idea and see how awesome God used it.

One other event that the youth were involved in was visiting the seniors home. We went to the Acadian village here in Stepehenville and visited the seniors there. We had a some carolling with the seniors and a short devotional about Christmas. It was great to see the smiles on the faces of seniors as the youth handed them christmas cards and chocolates. It is always a blessing when youth get to mix with seniors of the community. It was a great night with one highlight for sure, there was a man named Walter there and he shared with me that he had to go for surgery the next day so i got a chance to pray with him for his surgery and he was truly moved by it!

Its been a great couple of weeks in Stephenville! Praying that God will continue to use us here in this community!

Bethel Pentecostal Church

During this Christmas Season our ladies visited and sang Christmas carols to seniors in their private homes as well as those in long term care facilities. We have also made significant donations of money and food items to the local Salvation Army food bank, made donations to the VOCM Happy Tree as well as the Victoria Christmas Party for people with disabilities. We have also partnered with the Cornerstone Ministry Center and the Angel Treee Ministry to ensure that a child in the local area will received a Christmas gift on behalf of her father who is incarcerated. We have also provided our Tyndale student with knitted outerwear that will be distrubed to homeless people in Toronto.

Springdale Pentecostal Church

Family Sponsorship

Some years ago our church challenged individual families to consider sponsoring underprivileged families in our community and surrounding area. Having strategic people in the church who are aware of a variety of needs makes it easier to connect people to needs. This year the response is our biggest yet, we have connected 15 families in our church to needy people and they are blessing with food, financial assistance ( some of the needy are undergoing cancer treatment in st.johns, very expensive! ), gifts for children, etc…

This venture has spilled over into the business community, some business people are asking to be connected to needy folks. It has opened so many doors of ministry! PRAISE THE LORD!

Bethel Full Gospel Tabernacle, Carmanville

Christmas Spirit

Our W.M ladies gave out fruit baskets to seniors and gifts to residents of our community senior’s home. Our church also gave out a number of Turkey’s to the less fortunate. A person in town even came with a turkey for us to give out. Our Church also invited approximately 100 in town people to our Annual Christmas Banquet.

Full Gospel Tabernacle, Glovertown

Food Bank Partnership

This year, Full Gospel Tabernacle in Glovertown decided to partner with our local food bank. Every month we receive a different food item to bless our food bank, and during Christmas, in addition to the particular item that is collected in our foyer, we partner with them to help those less fortunate in our community by giving a donation towards turkeys/food hampers. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to reaching out. Sometimes, you just have to look for opportunities already present and come alongside and give assistance in some way or another. There is a great power in partnership. It not only helps those in need, but builds relationships with organizations in your community. In addition, to our partnership with our local food bank, we also held a community banquet, with 140 in attendance. This is another great way to connect with those who don’t normally attend, and in a relaxed setting. The message of Christmas seems to penetrate the hearts of those who attend in a very real way. Looking forward to what ADVENTure will unfold in the lives of those needing Christ in the New Year as a result of reaching out with the love of God.

Westside Tabernacle, Corner Brook

Christmas Dinner

Westside Tabernacle is spreading the practical love of Jesus the community on Christmas Day. We are preparing to serve a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings to about 75 “less fortunate” people who are coming to sit down in our church and enjoy Christmas fellowship. Also we are delivering about 120 dinners to people in our community that can’t get out. We will also take meals to the fire department, police station , hotels and nursers on duty. there are about 75 volunteers involved in this Christmas Day ministry and every year for the past 17 years this has been a great blessing to Corner Brook as well as to all those who give of themselves in many ways to serve.

Faith Pentecostal Church, CBS

Christmas ADVENTure

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year and we’ve been blessed in reaching out to families in our church and others here in CBS.

It all started the first Sunday of Advent as we provided families with a “Family Advent Devotional To Go” box. These boxes were filled with 2 devotionals and activities that families would do together during the weeks of Advent, at the end of each devotional families were encouraged to talk about the themes of Advent (Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and Jesus) then pray together.

On December 6 at the Town’s Kiwanis Santa Claus Parade. People from our church walked the long route from Chamberlains to Upper Gullies giving out Candy-canes and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, while others rode on our “Operation Christmas Child” float. Dozens and dozens of people recognized the huge “shoe box” as a symbol of hope, love and giving.

We also had the privilege of hosting the Havara Jewish community for a night of celebration. As they explained their tradition of Hanukkah we had opportunity to share about Christmas, singing with them and telling them the Good News of the Messiah. (we’re planning a Passover Meal with them during Easter 2015)

In addition, there are a number of Manors and Homes for those less fortunate here on the shore and our congregation donated toiletries, candy and food, filled Christmas Stockings for them and delivered them to the residents. To see the smiles and hear the sincere thanks from our friends in our community was very heartwarming.

We were contacted by the Chaplain at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary and had the privilege of providing Christmas gifts to the children of a family whose dad is incarcerated. What an incredible joy to give to this family. Also, we worked along side one of our Elementary schools in providing a “basketball” net for a family in need here in our community.

It’s been truly one ADVENTure after another this season. So proud of our church and how our people have JUMPED at the chance of showing Christ’s love to our community.


Advent in Burlington

As part of our community outreach we hosted a free community supper and concert which was packed with people from our church and community as a whole. We also distributed homemade Christmas cakes to the seniors in the community along with copies of “Light” magazine, courtesy of the Gideons.

Trinity Pentecostal Church, Baie Verte

Our church attempted several strategies as part of the PAONL’s Formission ADVENTURE:

  1. Christmas Blessings – we encouraged people from the church to bring “Christmas Blessings” through random acts of kindness. Our people were encouraged to invited a neighbour over for a meal, pay for someone’s groceries at the store, or some other way to be a Christmas Blessing to someone.
  2. Cookies, Cards & Carolling – about 30 youth, children, and adults packed themselves into a 15-passenger bus, trucks, and cars to deliver homemade cookies, a Christmas Card, and sing Christmas Carols to seniors and shut-ins living at Riverside Properties in Baie Verte, and other locations throughout town, as well as to the members of the RCMP Detachment in Baie Verte. One spouse of an RCMP Member said that “we made her day”. Our efforts at spreading Christmas Cheer and the message of Christmas made it all over Facebook pages in Baie Verte in a matter of minutes! One Jehovah’s Witness man from the Senior’s cottages even opened his door to us and received the cookies!
  3. We handed out copies of “Light“, from the Gideon’s, to every family that attended our Christmas Cantata on December 21. A special offering was also received for our Fire Department on this night, and over $400 was given!
  4. We also encouraged participation with the local Food Bank and Ministerial Association in providing Christmas Hampers for needy families, and toys through the local Happy Tree. Many people from our church contributed food items, bought toys, and gave of their time to pack these hampers and wrap the gifts. In all, around 25 children and teenagers received gifts and gift cards, and 76 families received a full Christmas Hamper complete with a Turkey, Ham, and all the trimmings!

Evangel Temple, Cartwright, NL

Our Christmas ADVENTure

We planned our annual church Christmas Dinner this year, to be a special outreach event in our community. We gave opportunity for the church family to invite an unchurched person(s) to our church Christmas dinner. We targeted a cross section of people, the poor and needy, some seniors, the homeless, (yes, we do have some in Cartwright) some professional persons in our community and family members. We were more than pleased to see the response of those invited. We did indeed get a good cross section of people in attendance! We had over 50 persons in attendance altogether! It was a great time of fellowship, sharing, carol singing, scripture reading and prayer. This event took place on December 14th at 6:00pm in the place of our Sunday evening church service! It was a great outreach event!