Time for God or Time with God?

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By Lindsey Gallant

I can’t find the time.

I whisper it into a sink of dishes, scrubbing away the remains of a messy day. Night descends outside the window, laundry still bobbing, now damp on the line. Bills pile up, toddlers melt down, responsibilities press in, and the hours slip away. Finding time for God seems harder than ever.

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A Renewed Focus on Discipleship: PART 2

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by Brad Noel

In my previous article, we explored the basic definition of discipleship. Once again, it is the gradual and intentional process of becoming ever more like Christ, and seeking to help others on their own journey of growth. We noted that the goal of discipleship is our own personal transformation, leading to multiplication: disciples always produce other disciples. Here’s the hard truth, and worth pondering for a few moments:

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By Dean Brenton


An oxymoron is a figure of speech that juxtaposes two elements that appear to be contradictory. Some of the best examples of oxymorons include: act naturally, found missing, exact estimate, small crowd, jumbo shrimp, pretty ugly, almost exactly, minor crisis…you get the picture. These two things when placed together seem to be nonsensical. The Commission on Discipleship has juxtaposed personal spirituality and denominational vitality.

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Self Care and Discipleship

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by Elaine Milley

Discipleship occurs when followers of Jesus Christ manages their time, energy and activity in such a way that spiritual growth and development is guaranteed. Discipleship is never accidental; it is the product of focussed effort and determination. It transpires in those who seek to be conformed, those who strive for greater depths in God. It occurs in the lives of the disciplined, those who know the importance of taking responsibility for their own spiritual health and growth.

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