My Health (Years 1-2)

Our personal spiritual vitality is the
building block of a comprehensive
plan to bring about corporate spiritual health.

Mutual Health (Years 3-4)

The next phase of Mutual Health
becomes a focus on organizational
and relational health.

Ministry Health (Years 5-6)

The third phase, called Ministry
Health, becomes a focus on ministry
effectiveness and ministry expansion.

Missional Health (Years 7-8)

The final phase will focus on expanding our missional initiatives, community engagement, and multiplication networks.

Resources to help with the mission

The Discipleship Commission is committed to suggesting and providing us with resources that will help us attain our discipleship goals. We’ve combined a selection of resources to help you with the mission. Browse our resources here.

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With a shared vision for church revitalization and multiplication we are believing God for 350,000 Christ Followers (1% of Canadians) by 2020 within our Canadian Churches.

2020 Missional Initiative

A Renewed Focus on Discipleship

The PAONL has focused a great deal on discipleship in recent times; you have likely heard it mentioned from your local pulpit. We have been discussing this topic for some years now at our bi-annual conferences. Personally, I have taught on this subject a number of times, and wrote an article on discipleship for the Good Tidings back in 2011.

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